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redefining images of black and brown people.

In 2016 I decided to take a gap year, I wanted to challenge myself creatively and be pushed out of my comfort zone. As children we tend to have the idea of doing something huge that would change the world! But for me idea never shifted as I grew into a young adult; and although the concept is vast, I saw my two young cousins as motivators. They are seven and five, and copy almost anything I do! I wanted to positively impact the society they were growing up in, and change the landscape of the media that omitted images of brown girls with big curly hair.


Since taking on my own creative challenge, I have directed and produced two films that tackle representation and equality. I spearhead LAMBB with a team of creatives and as a result have been featured on multiple online publications such as Essence and Yahoo and have been accepted into festivals like BFI SOUL, Underwire Festival, Women of the Lens and Rapport Film.


After seeing the reactions to 50 Shades of Melanin and Future First - which has since been green lighted by Community Channel and has been played to millions of people around the world; I realised there was a need for this content and for our voices.


We are ambitious in not only sparking conversations through our films and content but also sustaining ourselves in the conversations, and consistently putting ourselves at the seat of the table in the discussion of representation, equality and multicultural London.

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